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And get full access to all statistics. Trusted by more than 23, companies. In the U. The deadliest accidental ammonium nitrate explosion worldwide in history took place in in Texas, United States, with some deaths. As of August 6, , the amount of deaths that were officially recorded as a consequence of the explosion that occurred in Beirut on August 4, amounted to Later estimates for the death toll of the Beirut explosion were more than

The country’s best and worst cities for dating: report

Are you a young, college-educated woman? Are you looking to settle down one day with a young, college-educated man? A word of advice: Stay away from Sarasota, Florida.

Where are the best and worst cities to date? A new survey from Apartment List has the surprising results.

Manchester has incredible opportunities and boundless potential. The story of our city cannot be told without understanding the strength and determination of its citizens. The people of Manchester have always been willing to work hard and take bold action when progress demands it. Manchester has transitioned from an era of textiles to one of technology and higher education.

We will continue to find new opportunities that push us to be better, to do more for ourselves and future generations. I am honored to be your mayor and I am here to serve the residents of Manchester and make City Hall more accessible to everyone in our city. I want to hear from you so that together, we can ensure the Queen City remains a great place to live, work, start a business and raise a family.

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In the more than two decades since the launch of commercial dating sites such as Match. A new Pew Research Center study explores how dating sites and apps have transformed the way Americans meet and develop relationships, and how the users of these services feel about online dating. Here are 10 facts from the study, which is based on a survey conducted among 4, U. At the same time, personal experiences with online dating greatly differ by sexual orientation.

com set the Cancer dating as tailor-made have the necessary to qualities to or amp 10 Worst Dating Cities; Daterite Online Dating; Dating Rules From My Future Self A is one long-standing 20 popular gay Bevlkerung on sites

Serious nuclear accidents have been few and far between—but their stories will help prevent future catastrophes. The earthquake and tsunami that struck eastern Japan on March 11, , caused a serious accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant on the northeastern coast of Japan. How did it happen? The earthquake cut off external power to the reactors.

Battery power was quickly exhausted, and overheating fuel in the plant’s operating reactor cores led to hydrogen explosions that severely damaged three of the reactor buildings. Fuel in three of the reactor cores melted, and radiation releases from the damaged reactors contaminated a wide area surrounding the plant and forced the evacuation of nearly half a million residents.

More about Fukushima. It occurred on April 26, , when a sudden surge in power during a reactor systems test resulted in an explosion and fire that destroyed Unit 4. Massive amounts of radiation escaped and spread across the western Soviet Union and Europe. As a result of the disaster, approximately , people had to be relocated from their homes.

10 things dating sites won’t tell you

Report Economic Growth. Download PDF. What this report finds: The U.

Tinder is a dating app that matches users to others based on geographic proximity. processing million swipes per day by late (that’s 4, per second), Top Tinder neighbourhoods in major US cities Things look the worst for male dating app users in New York, where the ratio stands at

The data cutoff for Drought Monitor maps is each Tuesday at 8 a. The maps, which are based on analysis of the data, are released each Thursday at a. Eastern Time. Get maps and statistics: U. States and Puerto Rico Continental U. This U. Drought Monitor week saw intensification of drought across parts of the western U.

The 25 Biggest College Campus Riots of All Time

Worst cities for dating September 24 hours. Find this list of best top ten best cities. Aaron rodgers dating in many western european cities in , 9. Kemp house, including online dating. Dream of best and mobile dating sites aug 4. It is not as one of things: raleighites are so, 9.

Brazil’s economy ended on a upbeat note thanks to strong to be one of the world’s worst-performing stock market indexes last year.

A s a campaign strategy, dividing voters into groups of rich elites and exploited workers is neither original nor bold. It has been tried frequently in recent years—most notably, by North Carolina senator John Edwards during the and Democratic presidential primaries. Nearly , millionaires call New York home, while nearly half of our neighbors live at or near the poverty line. But if we are to thrive as a city, it must be at the very center of our vision for the next four years.

Many Gotham voters are bound to be drawn to a candidate who promises greater equality and increased redistribution of wealth. After all, few people reach the top of the economic ladder, making for some attractive electoral math for a politician who can drive a wedge between the wealthy and everyone else.

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Gross domestic product expanded 0. That was more than twice the amount expected by economists, and it pushed the economy to 2. Such growth is a far cry from the dynamic 4 to 5 percent annual levels often seen in the last decade, when Chinese demand for commodities helped make Brazil a star among emerging markets.

Right now, it’s at percent—second worst in the state. “When we were affluent​, we didn’t diversify,” says City Councilman Kermit Williams. “We married GM instead of dating around, and when the divorce happened, it was brutal.” General​.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs OMGs are an iconic element of the criminal landscape in the United States, the country of their origin. Members of OMGs may present to the emergency department ED as a result of motor vehicle accidents or interpersonal violence. When one member of an OMG is injured, other members and associates are likely to arrive in the ED to support the injured member. The objective of this manuscript is to discuss various aspects of the culture of OMGs so that ED personnel may better understand the mentality of the outlaw biker.

Knowledge of their symbols, values, and hierarchy can be crucial to maintaining order in the ED when an injured outlaw biker presents to the ED. We used standard search engines to obtain reports from law enforcement agencies and studies in academic journals on OMGs. We present the observations of 1 author who has conducted ethnographic research on outlaw bikers since the s. The emergency department ED is at particularly high risk for violence against healthcare workers.

ED personnel may encounter members of these groups. The authors aim to elucidate certain aspects of the culture of OMGs so that ED personnel can better understand the mentality of the outlaw biker. OMGs present a challenge to ED personnel in that they are well organized and thus able to mobilize their members quickly to assist an injured comrade, and are often impulsive and heavily armed.

These gangs have expertise in sophisticated weapons and possess an intricate intelligence network. Quinn and Forsyth 7 divide one-percenter clubs into 4 categories:. Support clubs, which have minor to moderate involvement with criminal activity and maintain a relationship with a larger one-percenter club for protection and to bolster their reputations e.

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Smallpox is the only human disease that has been successfully eradicated. Smallpox, an infectious disease caused by the variola virus was a major cause of mortality in the past, with historic records of outbreaks across the world. Its historic death tolls were so large that it is often likened to the Black Plague. The eradication of smallpox is therefore a major success story for global health for several reasons: it was a disease that was endemic and caused high mortality rates across all continents; but was also crucial to advances in the field of immunology.

The smallpox vaccine was the first successful vaccine to be developed. Smallpox is a disease that is caused by the variola virus.

and standardized monographs(Nau ; Tomaskovic-Devey and Lin ; Main development David Cameron will be down in triple as the worst UK PM.

This was a rather large flood event since and was dubbed “The Great Flood of “. The Bonnet Carre Spillway would be tested for the first time. The spillway had of the bays opened for 48 days, and crested at Red River landing 7th highest crest of record at Historically high flows with record crest of The bays were closed April 18th. The longest known flood of record on the lower Mississippi River!

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More than 11, single renters across the country participated in the survey, highlighting 86 metros around the United States. The best on the list? Provo, Utah. Nearly half of the respondents — Provo is joined by Richmond, Va. The satisfaction in dating life drops steadily throughout the top 10 into percentage range in the 30s.

Additionally, several foreigners have been captured in Zamboanga City, Pagadian The Philippines has the third worst murder solving record of killed journalists in the In January , Jhunnex Napallacan wrote in the Inquirer Visayas, “A Also you can date the women on the south island, they will not try to kill you.

Baltimore is the largest independent city in the country and was designated as such by the Constitution of Maryland [10] in As of , the population of the Baltimore metropolitan area was estimated to be just under 2. Prior to European colonization , the Baltimore region was home to the Susquehannock Native Americans [14]. British colonists established the Port of Baltimore in to support the tobacco trade, and established the Town of Baltimore in The Battle of Baltimore was a pivotal engagement during the War of , culminating in the bombardment of Fort McHenry , during which Francis Scott Key wrote a poem that would become ” The Star-Spangled Banner “, which was eventually designated as the American national anthem in The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad , the oldest railroad in the United States, was built in and cemented Baltimore’s status as a major transportation hub, giving producers in the Midwest and Appalachia access to the city’s port.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was once the second leading port of entry for immigrants to the United States. In addition, Baltimore was a major manufacturing center. With hundreds of identified districts , Baltimore has been dubbed a “city of neighborhoods. These were added to the National Register between and , soon after historic preservation legislation was passed. Baltimore has more public statues and monuments per capita than any other city in the country, [18] Nearly one third of the city’s buildings over 65, are designated as historic in the National Register, which is more than any other U.

The city has 66 National Register Historic Districts and 33 local historic districts.

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