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Needless to say, Wake Forest offers plenty of non-Greek communities, too. Over the course of your freshman year, you are faced with many choices. Whether it be selecting your class schedule, attending sporting events or joining a club, these choices begin to shape your college experience from the moment you step onto campus. Some of these choices will seem effortless; you have endured similar decisions throughout high school, maybe even throughout your entire life. However, the decision of whether or not to join a Greek organization is completely foreign.

Greek is very popular at SMU but that does not mean that if you are not Greek is known as “GDI’s” (gosh darn independents) or they transfer after rush is over.

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would a top tier fraternity dude date a gdi?

Non-Hellenic collegiate society, fear not! The term, which alternatively stands for godd—n independent, can be used ironically or seriously. Nobody throws a real house party like the houses located beyond the relative safety of 28th Street; the danger of not knowing whether the Department of Public Safety or the Los Angeles Police Department will show up only adds to the hedonistic revelry.

The Betches article does a nice job of conveying this demeanor in its writing style, but its content is sorely lacking in diversity.

How much of what you assume of Greek-lifers is actually true? As a self-​proclaimed GDI, I find it overwhelming to scroll through the hundreds of pictures with date rape incidents, frat boys have been branded by Greek and.

Help support our writers and keep our site ad-free. But as college presented its truer self, it started to matter very much how I managed with the opposite sex, and I got good at it. My very first weekend in Oxford I met a blond fellow freshman who instantly liked me because of how entirely different I was from him. Instead he is a bank account boy, had some business during high school.

And more importantly to me, the kid is frat as all get out. And when we did he ordered for me. I was not a fan of that. When I pledged my sorority, this guy made a big deal out of it. I was okay with this.

Greeks vs. Independents: My Daughter’s Battle, Not Mine

Hey everyone, I’m currently a GDI as the greek’s refer to me as , but I’m thinking of rushing next fall. Anyways, my bf just joined a fraternity and apparently all of his brothers are giving him crap about dating a GDI. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years, but I just don’t see why a greek dating a GDI is taboo. Can someone explain this to me?

Nearly a quarter of all undergraduate students are involved in Greek life in At Kentucky, independents refer to themselves as G.D.I.’s so the first theory weekly contact with each other and plan events such as date parties.

Squeezed into the small desks of our first-semester English class, we listened as my professor tried to incorporate Greek life into our discussion. I chose to go to Lehigh for many reasons. From its academics to its manageable size, its proximity to home and, just as important, its strong Greek life. Being involved in the Greek system was just as important to me as anything else the school has to offer. Like a lot of first-years, I was trying to figure out how to balance my workload, as well as make friends.

Eventually, I figured it out and found an amazing group of friends that I am so grateful for. The week had crept up on me and I was nervous to begin the process that everyone had been thinking about since the first day of school. It felt like I was going through the stages of mourning a death. I hated talking about it. I wanted to shut out the world to escape from the pain of seeing my friends enjoying time with their sororities. I wished every day I could be doing the things my friends were complaining of having to do: the chapter meetings, rituals and dinners.

I had a hard time believing the Greek system had passed me by. It was a perfectly innocent question that I did not have an answer for, so I just sat there stuttering, frozen not able to come to terms with it.

Edit desk: It wasn’t Greek to me

So many girls can’t imagine college without being Greek so they just won’t get it, but they won’t think less of you. You’re not a social outcast. More women on our campus are GDI than Greek. You can meet frat guys and date them if you want. Don’t stress out too much.

GDI (yes, that does stand for Goddamn Independent) boys are the same to me as Instead, it’s just a look and then one date that reveals that yes, this one could.

Greeks and GDIs aren’t enemies. Heck, they make pretty good boyfriends and girlfriends. How do I know? There are so many stereotypes that come with Greek life, some true and some false, and these stereotypes and expectations can make dating really difficult — especially a relationship combination that a lot of people find to be unlikely: Greeks and GDIs in a relationship. Greeks refer to our non-affiliated counterparts as “God D-mn Independents”.

A lot of campuses use this as a derogatory term, but on my campus the non-affiliated students use the title with pride, and its become the pseudo organization GDI.

Greek versus Independent student experiences on campus

I knew my choice was between the top two schools: Florida State University and University of Florida. The choice was easy, for me, because I had familial ties to Florida. Despite being close to other Gator alumni, there are things that they did not tell me that I wish they would have! And just because watching padded boys run into each other is not my idea of a fun time does not mean that I am less deserving of attending the university.

No one in my family was part of the Greek system, and to be honest, I forgot that it was a thing until Preview on UF campus at the end of high school. I figured I could try to rush to help make friends, but that experience went horribly for me : I went home crying almost every day because of the superficiality and rigidity of the rushing system; and even though I got a bid, I dropped.

Looking for online definition of GDI or what GDI stands for? GDI, God Damn Independent (slang for someone not living in dorms, housing, or Greek System).

Theta Chi, the fraternity featured in this photo, has not been on campus for even a year and already has a brotherhood 41 deep. They began the long process of becoming a recognized fraternity in the Spring semester last year and are just now becoming part of a chapter. Congratulations to the men of Theta Chi. Mackenzie, left, is in a sorority, and Jenna, right, a G. I you can still participate in the same activities. A long time before even arriving at University of Kentucky I had already began thinking whether I should join Greek life or not and I was torn between the two.

The decision to rush or not to rush was so hard for me because my sister Laura and her husband Stephen were both Independents in college and my other sister Sarah and her husband Chris were both Greek. Both of my sisters and their husbands now all went to same college and met each other there. Having a family where half the people are independents and half are Greek gave me tons of information on the pros and the cons of both my options. Hearing stories and spending many weekends with my family while they were in college consequently made my decision to rush or not at University of Kentucky harder.

I just knew too much about both of the choices that it made me over think the easy decision to rush or not.

is being a gdi bad

The Independent Student Council encourages students to get involved on campus beyond Greek life. Photo courtesy of the Independent Student Council Instagram. Butler University prides itself on its unique and strong Greek culture on campus. Butler is a small school with many of the perks of a bigger school, and Greek life is not an exception.

GDI. Whatever you want to call it (It’s difficult to even write that, as it “date party”, “my big”, etc., because I feel that I have nothing relevant to.

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GDI Case Study Competition

Top definition. An insult used by pretentious idiots in Greek organizations to try and make those outside of their membership seem ” beneath ” them. Pretty much as childish as it gets.

Don’t see a gdi guy brings a. If not in a g. Even date recessions is all about dating insights that greek life tend to date: sports being a sorority because i ended up.

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You Know You are Dating a GREEK Woman When…